Study MBBS In Mauritius

Study MBBS In Mauritius

About The Course

Republic of Mauritius (French: République de Maurice), is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent.

The country includes the islands of Mauritius,Rodrigues (560 kilometres (350 mi) east of the principal island), the islands of Agalega and the archipelago Saint Brandon. Mauritius claims sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago situated 1,287 kilometres (800 mi) to the north east;

the United Kingdom excised the archipelago from Mauritian territory prior to Mauritius' independence and gradually depopulated it. The islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Réunion, 170 km (110 mi) south west, form part of the Mascarene Islands. The area of the country is 2040 km2. Its capital is Port Louis.

Studying in Mauritius is almost like studying MBBS in India

Why you should choose MBBS in Mauritius?

  • 1. Mauritius has increased a ton of fascination among universal students to examine MBBS in Mauritius. As we probably aware, there is relentless rivalry in India for MBBS seats in government just as private universities.
  • 2.Students who don’t get seats in Indian schools can apply for MBBS in Mauritius. MBBS in Mauritius has gotten celebrated as of late.
  • 3.MBBS in Mauritius is affirmed by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other significant worldwide bodies.
  • 4.The degree granted by the clinical colleges for finishing MBBS is perceived comprehensively.
  • 5.The span of this course is 6 years. In the sixth year, there is a required entry level position for the students.
  • 6.he instruction framework and educational program for MBBS in Mauritius is as indicated by the universal measures. MBBS universities additionally set up the students for clearing the USMLE assessment
  • 7.Very safe environment for Girls
  • 8.The medium of instruction is English
  • 9.Eligibility for MBBS in Mauritius 2020
  • 10.Documents required for MBBS admission in Mauritius 2020
  • .

    Benefits of Studying MBBS in Mauritius

  • 1. Low education costs

    2. All inclusive perceived degrees granted by clinical colleges in the wake of finishing MBBS

    3. Straightforward confirmation methodology.

    4. MBBS in Mauritius instructed in English.

    5. Can show up for screening test like USMLE, MCI, PLAB, and so on in the wake of finishing MBBS in Mauritius.

    6. A few colleges offer help to the students to clear the MCI screening test.

    7. A sheltered nation as the crime percentage in Mauritius is exceptionally less when contrasted with different nations.

    8. Minimal effort of living in Mauritius.

    9. Universal presentation to the students who need to seek after MBBS in Mauritius.

    10. No segregation among students based on religion, belief, race, sexual orientation, and so on.

    11. A cordial domain in Mauritius.

    12. Greater work open doors for graduates Mauritius.

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Application Process

We take care of the entire application procedures which include sending the requisite documents to the University and procuring the admission for the eligible candidates which is confirmed by getting the admission letter from the concerned university.

Documentation Process

We take the entire gamut of the documentation process on us which includes Sending the requisite documents to the university, attestation of documents from the Ministry of the External Affairs, M.C.I eligibility certificate, Affidavits, Assistance in applying for the passport, police verification certificate, etc.

We also maintain all the documents of our registered students’ certificates & application documents securely & confidentially till the completion of the entire procedure of their admission, after which it is returned back to them in its original condition.

Pre-Departure Briefing

During our Pre-Departure Briefing, we engage representatives of each country to brief about their tradition & culture, ways of living, their country’s affairs, about the university study system, accommodation, food & infrastructure.

We engage specialists to conduct motivational speeches & seminars on developing communication skills, Stress management, travel safety etc…. which builds confidence & acceptance among the students and parents, thereby removing the fear, anxiety & stress involved in going abroad for higher education.

Visa Application Processing

We assist them in applying for the passport.

We take complete care of the entire visa application process of the Student from procuring the Admission & visa invitation letter from the university. submitting the same along with all the required documents & passport to the Embassy / Consulate/ Agents.

Keep track of the entire process and update the parent & the student regarding the same. We also assist in procuring visas for the parents visiting their wards.

Eligibility for MBBS in Mauritius 2020 60% marks & NEET :

1. He or she must be between 17 years to 25 years
2. For affirmation in Mauritius Medical University, students must have studies biology, chemistry and physics during their 12th education.
3.Students must acquire at least 60% marks in order to get enrolled to MBBS in Mauritius.
4. A student must have qualified NEET examination.
5. A valid passport and visa in vital

Documents for MBBS admission in Mauritius 2020

• 10th and 12th marksheets
• Birth certificate
• 6 passport size photographs with white background (4.5X3.5)
• Valid passport (must have minimum of 18 months of validity)
• Parents 6-month bank statement
• HIV test documents
• Authorized documents from Ministry of External Affairs – New Delhi
• Legalization of documents from Mauritiusn Embassy
• No objection certificate
• Letter of authorisation
• Sponsor letter
• Bank receipt of University 1st year tuition fee payment

STUDENT SERVICES: Mauritius Medical Universities takes pride in services to students, the latest of which is the Dynamic English (DYNED) laboratory to hone students in English. Other services include air-conditioned classrooms, computer and science laboratories, library with internet access, audio-visual rooms, sports, medical and health services.

ACCOMMODATION & FOOD: Three hostels are located within the College. All Hostel Rooms have independent toilets. Indian and local food is available in the College Canteen in the College premises.

Food : South and North Indian Canteen Available at Campus

Laundry : Service in hostel. Pay is per kilo of washing.

Hostel Rooms : 2, 3 & 4 share a room. Water, electricity, internet is extra, Cot, Matters, Pillows, cup board along with Attached bathroom & basin in each room.

Expenses: Refer to attached sheet for current fees and other.

Course Details

A student is required to complete a premedical degree in the Mauritiusof 3 years followed by an M.D program which will continue for another 4 years. After 7 years of study, the student needs to clear the license examination.
The good news for Indian students is that they wish to enrol in the course after 10+2 years of education, it would take only 5.5 years as they have to undergo only an intermediate premedical course which is only for 1.5 years.

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    +91 88703 42662 +91 88703 42662